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Help! I don't know who I am!

The cycle of identity change as a human is consistent, especially when we are ‘doing the work’. Peeling back and releasing layer upon layer of the wounded self to reveal more of our fullness. I often have times in these moments of transition where I feel a total lack of identity and find myself saying ‘I don’t know who I am.’

These days that phrase often comes with a little giggle and the word ‘AGAIN’ added on the end. Having a sense of humour as a human is, I've found a helpful gift!

But times of transition are not always funny. You can feel lost, lonely, unseen and unsafe. Wandering in the abyss waiting for something to happen. The old is releasing and our job is to let it.

As a teacher once said to me Let Go and Let God. Which sounds simple, and it is - and it isn’t. It depends on how attached we are to our current identity, how willing we are to see and feel ourselves in the new light and how big a leap of faith we subsequently take, so much of which can be subconscious and caught up in our 'old patterning'.

It’s like losing a huge amount of weight and keeping hold of all the clothes that no longer fit you. Some part of you doesn’t want to fully step into the new identity. Perhaps you don’t truly believe in it. You can’t see it or feel it so you can’t embrace it.

Nothing is tangible in these moments except perhaps our Faith. Our Faith in ourselves, in what we have already accomplished and overcome in our life and in what we identify with as God. We are always more powerful than we dare to allow ourselves to see or believe.

Be in the nothing and the not knowing. Stay in the truth that this is a potent moment to speak with your inner self and God. Be patient for the vision, the answer, for the changes to start to happen. Opportunities and choices will start to come into your life at this point and you will be playing a part in which road you take next. Don’t get caught up in the fear of these choices, good/bad, right/wrong are human concepts of division and polarity. Let yourself off the hook and give yourself space to craft and make your choices based on your highest possible future vision of yourself. This is living in the heart.

You are worthy to receive, open your heart and feel the love of God flow through every cell of your being - supporting your journey back to yourself and the light.

Every month I run a Free Chant with Me - New Moon Session where you’ll be able to join with an amazing group of like-minded people to connect with the energy of the New Moon in meditation and chant.

This month we will be working with this theme of Identity and Transference - moving from one state of being to another. This will be supported by the Scorpio New Moon.

Find out more here.

With Love,

Alexandra x

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